Let these photos inspire you on how you could rearrange your workspace

This photo simply breathes minimalism and efficiency and not only because of the white and bright table surface. The contents of the desk are reduced to the most important things, and the monitor stand even doubles as a convenient way to neatly store things like pens, notepads or other office tools.
This person probably likes to always have everything within reach. Be it the camera, the matching lenses, a gimbal, a microphone or the headphones on a handy stand. Of course, it is also helpful to do without cables for the mouse and keyboard.
Natural light is one of the most important factors to feel comfortable at your workplace. Together with a natural-looking table, green decoration on the windowsill and perhaps a wallpaper that triggers wanderlust, you may be able to pick up something here.
A desktop computer is not for everyone. Especially if you are on the road a lot because of university or work, your digital life probably revolves around your laptop. The advantage is that your desk has room for so many more things, whether it’s books, a tablet, or drinks to take a quick break.
Incorporating natural elements into the workplace is an easy way to give it a friendlier face. Light wood can be integrated in many different forms, for example, as a monitor / laptop stand, flower pot or cute lamp.
There are at least two things to love about Annie’s workplace: First, of course, that great collection of old analog cameras that I could look at for hours. On the other hand, this feeling to work in a jungle with all the plant pots around the lucky person sitting at this inviting desk. Unfortunately, I can’t take responsibility for so many living things, but I’ll definitely think about that with the cameras.
Although the computer is the device at the desk around which everything revolves, the smartphone is also an important tool in the everyday lives of many people. A smartphone stand could help here, not only giving the phone a fixed place, but also keeping the battery full at all times.
While a desk is limited horizontally at some point, many people neglect the vertical space that can be well utilized. A small drawer cabinet provides a surprising amount of space for all sorts of small items without creating clutter.
One of the most common reasons for neck pain is constantly looking down when working on a laptop. Underestimated are appropriate stands that bring the laptop up a few centimeters. Additionally, you need a (wireless) keyboard.
Have you thought about how you can illuminate your desk as space-saving and smart as possible? Relatively new are the so-called screen bars, which can be easily attached to most monitors and are powered via USB. Most of the time, they automatically adjust to the lighting conditions.

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  1. 4th last photo, I love that mug! I could do with one of those, guilty :/ And that camera collection, a lovely selection to drool over. Great series, my “office” setup is somewhat more complicated and cluttered with room for 7 gamers 😀


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