This website creates completely useless but ridiculous quote tiles for your Instagram account

Surely, in the course of your use of social media, you’ve come across graphics with strange sayings that made you think to yourself: These are so absurd, no human could have written them.

Well, at least you can be sure about these here on, because this website creates tiles within seconds at the push of a button that contain completely stupid quotes, but at least they are backed with beautiful photos from Unsplash, so they would hardly stand out on a carefully maintained Instagram account.

Each time you press the big “Generate” button again, the last artwork you created will move down to the library, so you still have a chance to download them at a later time. However, as soon as you close the web page, they are all gone.

If you’re so convinced by the graphic that you want to use it not only digitally, but physically in your life or someone else’s, you can even have it printed directly onto a poster, t-shirt, mug, sticker, or even face mask.

Who would not want to wear this mask?

I actually came across this “tool” only recently through Unsplash Slack, but looking at this replica of the bot on Github, the project must be at least three years old. The associated Twitter account was even started back in 2015.

Unfortunately, clicking on “About” on the website reveals nothing. If anyone of you knows who or what is behind Inspirobot, I’m looking forward to a hint in the comments!

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